Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's In My Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan

I'm sitting here fretting over what kind of posts I should do next. My camera hasn't been behaving as of late and I can't do video tutorials so planning pictorials is a little trickier than I thought. Also, I've been an emotional wreck for reasons unknown. Currently listening to Torn by Natalia Imbruglia. Who hurt you, Natalia? Who. Hurt. You. (name that reference)

Anyways, I decided that what better way to remedy the lull in post ideas than to post a What's in My Bag!
I go between bags often, but this bag is for my "I have a long day ahead of me and need everything" days.
It's a pretty heavy and awkward bag but it does have a ton of room to shove whatever in there. The strap is weird to use since it warps the shape of the bag, but I fix that by attaching the strap "hooks" to the rolled handles' grommets.
Whatever. I just needed a nice leather black bag that I can use for everything and I hasn't failed me yet.

I might do another WIMB with my smaller purse, a crossbody satchel.

Sorry about the strong pink cast to the pictures. I'm currently staying in my niece's room at my sister's house and the room is all pink everything. I didn't realize how bad of a problem this can be until I uploaded the pictures. I need my boyfriend here to photoshop everything for me since I'm lazy and lost all control.

See how I attached the shoulder strap to the grommets of the handles?
The leather is pretty soft, which is a treat to touch, but that means it loses some structure. You can see the bulges from my makeup bag and wallet. I'll definitely keep a bag with sturdier saffiano leather in mind if I decide to make another "investment" purchase.

The insides, view 1.

The insides, view 2.

Contents- Ray-Ban Clubmaster (it's the regular-sized one in tortoiseshell); Tory Burch Robinson makeup case (I don't know if this color is sold anymore. I bought it from ShopBop during a sale); Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Slim Zip wallet; a travel bottle of Pamprin; albuterol inhaler; SOG Trident Mini Tanto knife (one of my birthday gifts from my lovely brother. You never know when a knife comes in handy.); housekeys; Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing sheets; Nivea Lip Butter in Sweet Kisses; IPhone 5 Earpods; Tampax Pearl Regular (holla).

Contents- (More) Tampax Pearl Regular (I have really irregular periods so you just never. know.); Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh and Oh, Lola rollerballs; Hello Kitty Band-Aid; Hair tie+bobby pin; Sephora mirror compact; Josie Maran Argan Oil Moisturizing Stick (a mini that Brad's mom gave to me. I use it to treat my cuticles after washing/sanitizing my hands); Bath&Body Works Pocket Back in Midnight Pomegranate (this scent makes me feel so sophisticated. HA); NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencil in Cruella (my fave brick red that I always keep in my bag for easy red lips) and Semi-Matte lipstick in Funny Face (my summertime fuschia).

Alright! That's it. Now leave.

xx M.

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