Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nyx Simply Vamp Lip Creams

Hey Y'all! I picked up a few of the new Nyx simply vamp lip creams a couple weeks back and have been experimenting with them the last few days. These are ideal with fall fever going around for dark lips.

I have mixed feelings on these, I wanted to love them since dark lip products are my everything. I guess i like them ok. I got mine here at ulta for 6.50 each, I think they were 40% off at the time online. The coloring of the packaging resembles the shade of the product itself, which is helpful. I feel like the packaging is overly bulky and chunky. When applying such an unforgiving color to the lips, the packaging itself can block my view of application. I prefer sleeker products, but thats just me. Also, when I was playing with the testers in Ulta, the product within the container were falling out of its place and onto the floor (This happened with MULTIPLE shades, even the Simply Reds). It is actually a particularly small amount of product for such large packaging. I can already feel the product in one of mine about to fall out. I picked up She Devil, Temptress, and Aphrodisiac.

(from top to bottom: she devil, temptress, aphrodisiac)

That purple!! Right?? Wrong. The formula of these can be kind of strange. It applies thickly and then starts to settle quickly, making an even and perfect application difficult. It goes on creamy and then starts to mattify when it sets. BUT when it does set, the transfer is relatively light!! She Devil and Temptress were more difficult to work with, but Aphrodisiac seemed to cooperate much easier, thus making it my favorite of the 3. I tried applying it quickly, since it settles fast, but it was a challenge since the settling formula becomes goopy. I tried with lipliner too, it only helped a little. I found that using a lip brush (especially for temptress, which was the most difficult) yielded a favorable result, and allowed for more control over the product dispersion.

She Devil


I didn't use lipliner in these particular swatches.


She devil

Even though some of these colors can be a pain in the ass, I will still incorporate them in my fall/winter rotation, because I do find the colors beautiful. I think that the product is not accurately named by "simple" seeing as some of these require so much effort and precision. Using a lip brush can be counter productive, but it is worth it.

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