Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Saviors + Reviews

Technically, summer is just about over. But if you're like me, it's a neverending hell thanks to living in the good ol' South. Which is why I always try to invest in products that I know will treat me right and power its way through the sweltering heat. Introducing the two stars of the show: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer.

I'll start off with First Aid Beauty(FAB)'s Ultra Repair Cream. This thing is a treasured item on my bathroom counter AND vanity year-round. It's a super rich cream that helps calm irritated skin and provides ultimate moisture (DUH). If Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream is too steep a purchase for you, this is an amazing alternative. I regularly use it in place of a night cream and also to soothe my skin after a rough bout of post-facial wax bumps. It also works well on lips and rough cuticles. I can't say enough good things about this product, especially since it's helping me overcome splotchy sunburns on my face (skimped on the SPF and ventured into the sunlight for more than an hour. Don't be like me). 

FAB offers the Ultra Repair Cream in a travel-friendly 2oz tube and this 6oz jar.
Their website frequently has free shipping and 20% off deals. Keep an eye out on their social media sites.

If you're none too fond of thick creams, you probably won't like this. But you SHOULD try it out. Because I have oily, sensitive skin and I LOVE how this feels on my face.

I would say this cream spreads smoothly and easily. Although, it works best if you use gentle, circular motions as opposed to tapping it into the skin. I like to apply this right after I've cleansed and toned my face, for optimal absorption.

Fully absorbed in seconds and soft skin in no time!

Now onto my off- and on-again love, Make Up For Ever(MUFE) Full Cover concealer. I love this stuff because it's so pigmented, so the small tube should last a while. I find setting this concealer with a powder is very optional, especially if you have normal to dry skin, which makes rushed mornings much more bearable. It has carried me through days of stifling humidity, long naps, and mindless face touching. Seriously. This stuff is powerful. My main gripes are 1) it does oxidize a shade darker, so be wary of which shade you pick and how much you layer on and 2) it doesn't work that well on textured blemishes. I am typically NC30-35 in MAC foundations with strong yellow undertones so I thought this concealer in shade 7 would be a great fit. oxidizes to a shade darker and with a very neutral, almost gray undertone. So I really stay away from this stuff during the winter, especially since my skin is drier and more temperamental then. Honestly, the cons of this concealer don't matter to me at all during the summer. I totally think this is a worthwhile summer investment.

This comes in a convenient squeeze tube with a long, pointed tip. Great for getting the right amount and keeping things clean (really important, especially for concealers).

Fragrance-, paraben-, and oil-free. I have extremely sensitive skin and can confidently say I have never gotten a reaction from this product. This tube also gives you a generous half an ounce. Shoot, for $32, it better.

I would say the texture is between a cream and a mousse. It definitely doesn't drip around, as opposed to MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Also, this is really all you'll need to cover an entire face of blemishes. TRUST. ME.

Because it's so budge-proof, I do find blending this product over a large area to be tricky. I would steer clear of using this for the undereye area. I use this concealer with a big eyeliner brush and dab and blend on my small blemishes.

It sets to a very matte finish. I don't find it to be tacky at all, so setting it with a powder is optional. But if have oily skin as I do, lightly dust it with a loose powder just in case. 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.

xx May

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